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DBA Group of Institutions

(Promoted by Foundation for Education for All, New Delhi)

With increasing globalization, the companies and industrial houses across the country require well qualified and trained manpower that work globally and demonstrate their ability and skills to work successfully in the international environment. Never before there has been a bigger demand for thoroughly trained and skilled professionals in India who can hit the ground running in today’s competitive market. Trained professionals with critical skills developed by the leading institutions laced with business ethics are the key to the success of any business, small or big, domestic or overseas.As the borders have become blurred in today’s global economy, the professionals and executives are called upon to navigate multiple business environments linked by high-speed communication technologies. It may be multinational corporations or domestic companies; invariably they demand executives not only to deliver but also anticipate current and future changes in the global market. In this competitive environment, it is essential that corporate executives are comfortable working in terms with their counterparts in other countries to solve their systemic problems. These are the roles for which the DBA Colleges prepare the young students to enact their roles effectively in the present knowledge millennium.

DBA Ethos:

The principle aim of DBA Institutions is to provide quality driven under graduate, post graduate and research programs in the field of management, agriculture, computing, law, health, engineering and technology in association with reputed domestic and foreign universities at affordable price and less period of duration for the benefit of students and working professionals.

DBA Vision:

To provide a value driven professional education and a unique learning style that grooms a new generation of management professionals, budding technocrats, health professionals and transcultural executives for India and the World.

DBA Mission:

To provide innovative and globally recognized programs that contributes to the holistic development of the individuals and society. Being a multi-campus socially responsible professional institution, DBA facilitates learning through discipline, discovery and dissemination of knowledge.

DBA Philosophy:

DBA strongly believes in the dignity and worth of all individuals. It further believes that learning is a lifelong process and that all individuals should have opportunities for lifelong education. Education should help individuals to realize their maximum potential academically, culturally and technically, while also providing for personal enrichment. To prosper in a complex and changing society, individuals must learn to think independently, value logical and tested conclusions, develop problem solving abilities, and function collaboratively.

DBA Campus:

The DBA main campus is located in lush green and state-of-the-art campus in central Bengaluru which facilitates its young graduates and working people in acquiring professional skills, technical knowledge, developing scientific skills, and inculcating positive attitude and higher human values through innovative thinking, team spirit, and entrepreneurial capabilities. Aspiration of developing scientists, technocrats and business leaders, who'll use the force of enterprise, not just for creating wealth but also for improving the quality of life of the people and the prosperity of the nation, is one of the fundamental aims of the DBA. The support system available in the state-of-the-art college campus includes:

  • • Digital Library
  • • State-of-the-Art Computer Labs
  • • Air-Conditioned Lecture Halls
  • • Modern Audio-Visual Teaching Equipment
  • • Open Air Theater-cum-Conference Hall
  • • Video Conference Interactive Lecture Halls
  • • Corporate Executive Lecture Halls
  • • V-SAT Accessed Lecture Halls
  • • Modern Indoor Games Hall
  • • Air-Conditioned Central Library
  • • Modern Food Court
  • • Modern Workshops
  • • R &D and Science Lab
  • • Work Stations & Modern Labs
  • • Science & Technology Incubators
  • • Wireless Campus with modern Furniture and Equipment
  • • Faculty/Staff Quarters
  • • Students’ Accommodation
  • • Hi-tech Skill Development Centers
  • • Guest House

Centre of Excellence

Centre for Career Placement:

A very important parameter of success for any professional is its ability to offer corporate interface for its students, which enhances their practical knowledge to face the corporate world. DBA has built strong partnerships with the corporate world, providing training for staff, collaborating on research & development programs, consultancy assignments and corporate projects. DBA Group Institutions strive to conduct industry sponsored workshops, seminars and guest lectures for students to expose them to the realms of the corporate environment.DBA’s Career Placement Centre is committed to assisting the students with every stage of their career search. The Centre Manager works directly with students, individually and in groups, to prepare them for the challenges and cross-cultural elements of job searching across the countries. The Centre provides resources to help them identify, pursue, and secure positions that meet their career goals. Hence as a DBAstudent, he or she will benefit from:

  • • Personalized career advising and counseling
  • • Assistance in pursuing jobs and internships
  • • A regular corporate series brings seasoned executives to campus
  • • Overseas industrial projects and visits provide international exposure
  • • Access to student and employer databases

Centre for Personality Development:

The Centre looks after the students’ welfare programs in the campus. The students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities such as spiritual training, yoga courses, literary and cultural competitions, inter-colleges and inter-state academic competitions. The state, zonal, national and international youth festivals are also arranged from time to time. The Centre conducts workshops, mock interviews, group discussions and case analysis on a regular basis with an aim to build their interpersonal and team building skills. Students clubs are very important part of the learning and cultural environment at DBA campus. Many such students’ clubs like cultural club, business club, sales/marketing club, skill club, sports club, social welfare club, finance club, etc., are set up in the campus which are the diverse pool of ideas and perspectives.

Centre for Foreign Languages:

This Centre offers a wide range of foreign language courses such as French, German, Spanish and Japanese in association with leading national language institutions across the country so that students get an opportunity to groom their talents and skills as required by multinational corporations. Courses are designed for the students who are learning for the first time and to improve their working knowledge, both in terms of spoken and written forms which would help them to gain useful insights of global business practices and multi-cultural life.


DBA’s Human Resource:

The corner stone of DBA is the resourceful staff members who are a core team of professional schools with rich and varied experience, supported by prominent professionals and practioners from academia and industry.These links are further strengthened through a regular system of colloquium. In fact, teaching at DBA campus with global concepts, Indian and overseas professors provide contemporary perspectives which lead to meaningful world market place opportunities. The Group Institutions have rich faculty resources drawn from different countries such as Holland, Germany, England, USA, France, Spain and India who are closely associated with Fortune 500 companies across the globe.Interaction with such renowned academicians allows for assimilation of global best practices and exchange of new ideas and experiences, making learning extremely enriching.


The teaching methodology at DBA campus combines analysis, real world experience and overseas visit with a strong emphasis on basic concepts and theory. Its primary concern is to bring the professionals from academia, corporate world and research organizations under one-fold to nurture the talents with leadership, negotiation, communication and teamwork skills. DBA aims to teach concepts and theories of management, science and technology, stimulate critical thinking and transform management problems into opportunities from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective. The general approach includes lectures; problem-based learning exercises, case study analyses, student participation, seminars, discussions and independent studies. By the end of the course, DBA students will have the skills and understanding necessary for leading their own organizations in the global arena.


DBA Colleges:

Quest for excellence has been the hallmark of seasoned professionals who are proud to be star performers in the market driven economy and whose names shine on the horizon of corporate history. Some quest has been instrumental in making executives achieve the highest incremental. Companies and organizations world over, have been endeavoring to reduce costs and improve quality of products, processes and services. The critical skills developed by professional schools, laced with business ethics would be the key to success of any business, small or global. A rapidly growing free economy, needs trained professionals in various facets of economy where the next generation professionals, instead of treating the world as passive taker of business actions, must recognize that the society does not exist for business but business for society and that business actions are as much responsible for whatever we witness around us.


Higher education has become a competitive and internationally tradable service in many ways with the Indian brain, being tagged the highest. This became the guiding force for setting up of “DBA Group of Colleges in 2003 by the Public Charitable Trust -“Foundation for Education for All”as stated belowwith the help ofseasoned professionals and spread its wings across the country in the field of foreign education, university education, professional education, software development, skill development training, consultancy, etc.

  • • DBA College of Management Studies & Research, Bengaluru
    (Affiliated to University of Mysore, Mysore)
  • • DBA Corporate Business School, Bengaluru
    (Affiliated to Bharathiar University, Coimbatore)
  • • DBA School of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru
    (Affiliated to Anna University, Coimbatore)
  • • DBA School of Distance Education, Bengaluru
    (Affiliated to Anna University, Coimbatore)
  • • DBA Degree College, Bengaluru
    (Affiliated to Bangalore University, Bengaluru)
  • • DBA Global Business School, Bengaluru
    (In association with Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam, Holland)
  • • DBA Technology School, New Delhi/ Noida
    (In association with Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA)
  • • Gen Next Skills Academy, New Delhi/ Noida
    (Approved by Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI, New Delhi)
  • • DBA Global Business School, New Delhi / Noida
    (In association with Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam, Holland)
  • • Gen Next Skills Academy, Hyderabad
    (Approved by Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI, New Delhi)
  • • DBA Global Business School, Hyderabad
    (In association with Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam, Holland)
  • • DBA Pre-University College, Bengaluru
    (Approved by Karnataka Pre University Board, Bengaluru)
  • Gen Next Skills Academy, Coimbatore
    (Approved by Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI, New Delhi)
  • • DBA Global Business School, Coimbatore
    (In association with Rotterdam Business School, Rotterdam, Holland)
  • • Gen Next Skills Academy, Bengaluru
    (Approved by Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI, New Delhi)

DBA Board of Governors:

The world is changing quickly and that means new challenges and opportunities for all of us. Scientific and technological breakthroughs are impacting on the way we live our lives and do business and the country’s economic position is, more than ever, dependent on how it reacts to increased global competition. To be able to do this, the country needs its workforce to be equipped with a world class talents and skills base so that we can able to compete with our international peers.


India’s thriving economy continues to evolve and grow, but these constant changes are proving difficult for many organizations. Training and development can help an organization stay innovative, and thrive in today’s dynamic and globalized economy. Organizations need to prepare their leadership teams to adapt to a constantly changing business landscape. It is in this connection, the DBA has constituted a vibrant Board of Governors consist of eminent people from different walks of life who guides and supervises the operational performance of the DBA Group of Institutions in the country.